ISO 27001 GAP Analysis

In the course of our ISO 27001 GAP Analysis, we evaluate the effectiveness of your IT and information security according to the International Standard ISO 27001. We support your company in identifying and treating relevant IT risks.

In the course of our GAP Analysis, we evaluate the maturity level of the

established within your company.

The difference between our Cyber ​​Risk Assessment and the GAP Analysis arises from the fact that the latter one only uses the ISO 27001 Standard for control maturity rating.
As a result of the GAP Analysis, you receive your up-to-date compliance status acc. to ISO 27001. Based on this you are able to target critical business processes, in order to secure them in a continuous way.

We Rate Your Compliance Level

Our ISO 27001 GAP Analysis builds the solid basis for companies that are preparing for the implementation of the Cyber Security standard ISO 27001.
In the course of our GAP Analysis we help you evaluate the performance of your current IT security organization. We smooth the path for a systematic and structured implementation of the ISO 27001 Standard.

As an indicator for your IT and information security, our ISO 27001 GAP Analysis brings further advantages to your company, e.g.

  • the identification of security paint points within your current IT organization.
  • addressing IT risks by using specific security measures.
  • the continuous improvement of IT and information security through the implementation of security measures.

We gladly advice you on your specific security requirements. Benefit from us as an independent expert organization.