TISAX® Consulting

We support your company in the introduction and implementation of an ISO 27001 based IT security management in accordance with the VDA ISA requirements. In the first step, we carry out our ISO 27001 GAP Analysis together with you. We identify and evaluate the implementation status of existing security controls within your company.

Based on the GAP Analysis, we offer you to set up a high-performance ISO 27001 information security management system (ISMS). We implement the following security modules based on ISO 27001 for you:

By implementing the ISO 27001 Standard you achieve a high level of compliance towards the VDA ISA audit standards.

We Guide You To The Audit

As part of our TISAX® consultation, we offer you support in the audit management. We carry out the online registration process for you on the ENX platform and help you prepare for the TISAX® audit process.
For further development of your TISAX® ISMS, we also provide you with the Chief Information Security Officer for the ISMS upon request. By doing so, you ensure the maintenance and continuous improvement of your ISMS in accordance with the VDA ISA requirements.

We carry out internal ISMS audits and ISMS management reviews with you, in order to help you ensure your ISMS is up to date and is performing optimally. We guide you from the implementation of ISO 27001 to acceptance by the accredited certification body.

By implementing the ISO 27001 standard, you achieve a solid level of protection for your entire IT security organization compliant to TISAX®. Schedule an appointment with our specialists, we gladly advise you on your requirements.