Source Code Audit for IT Applications

Our comprehensive Source Code Audits are suitable for every development process. We check the security, quality and maintainability of your source code. Our reviews follow a risk-based approach, i.e. we  check those parts of the code base first that could pose a high security risk for your company, e.g. during a hacker attack. When performing Source Code Audits, our experienced specialists use proven tools and methods. This approach measurably leads to a high level of security for your IT applications.
You receive a detailed audit report after each Source Code Audit. We give you concrete recommendations for action on how to secure your code base in a continuous way. You remain in control of your application’s quality at all time.
You can combine Source Code Audits with our Penetration Tests. Following the recognized rules and the State-of-the-Art, Penetration Tests are carried out on the test systems being already operational. As part of the testing activities, the source code is being audited continuously. This approach creates transparency and increases the chance of uncovering more vulnerabilities.

We Help You Build a Sustainably Secure Code Base.

The implementation of professional Source Code Audits brings you multiple benefits, e.g.

  • the avoidance of programming errors by secure design.
  • the early detection of weaknesses within the code base.
  • the rapid elimination of security vulnerabilities through secure programming.

In addition to Source Code Audits, we offer our Secure Coding Training, because Application Security starts right before the first line of code. In the course of our trainings, you learn how Source Code Audits are structured and performed. Afterwards you will be able to audit your source code in a targeted manner.
Schedule a call with our experts. We gladly assist you in scoping the assessment and performing your Source Code Audit.