Penetration Testing (Pentest)

In the course of Penetration Testing, we evalute your IT’s security posture based on your needs. We test your IT systems from a hacker’s perspective, thereby emulating attacks with the skills and tools of a real attacker, in order to assess your IT systems’ current security status in detail.

Our comprehensive, technical Pentests can be combined and are suitable for:

  • Web applications & APIs
  • Mobile applications
  • Rich clients
  • IT infrastructure
  • WLAN

As a result of our tests, we give you specific recommendations for action. We show you how to protect your IT from Cyber Attacks effectively. You save you time and avoid high follow-up costs. For enhanced security subscribe to our Continuous Penetration Testing Service.

We gladly help you choose the appropriate test modules with the required scope of inspection to achieve the optimal security of your data and information as well.

We Test Your IT’s Robustness

Our Pentests comprise of specific stages that follow recognized rules according to the state of the art.

Professionelle Pentests & Penetration Testing

By performing Pentests, you obtain benefits in many ways, such as

  • the significant risk reduction with respect to successful Cyber Attacks.
  • to maintain business operations through targeted action planning.
  • to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

You may want to combine our Pentests und Source Code Audits. This establishes increased security by revealing security vulnerabilities in the architecture as well as logical structure of your applications.