IT Security Consulting

Our experts have extensive practical experience in the area of IT and information security. We advice you with respect to all IT security issues that your company is facing.
As part of IT Security Consulting, we implement the following modules for you:

We gladly support you in developing and implementing your individual IT security strategy. Our consulting services are based on international Cyber Security standards, such as ISO 27001, NIST, IT-Grundschutz.
Based on your requirements, we help you to implement appropriate organizational and technical security measures.

We Help You Align Your IT

First and foremost, we sharpen your top management’s view regarding Cyber Security. We offer you implementation guidelines in the form of a suitable IT security strategy.
Our specialists support you in building a digital culture of trust within your company by means of standardized IT Policies and Processes.

The aim of our collaboration is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. With our comprehensive IT Risk Assessments, we help you identify and minimize IT risks. We assess the IT risk situation for your company objectively so that you can take targeted measures.

You can combine our comprehensive IT Risk Assessments with our technical IT security audits, e.g. Firewall audits, IT baseline audits, IT Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Tests. You are able to implement your IT security strategy on a holistic level.
Furthermore, you can connect the audit results to your company’s Cyber Security Incident Response planning. By following this approach, you strengthen your Cyber Resilience and remain able to act in an case of an emergency.

Powerful IT Security With The Right Strategy