IT Policies Consulting for the Highest Standards

As part of our IT Policies Consulting, we support you to implement effective policies efficiently. We provide you with standardized security provisions based on the protection requirements of your data. By means of our IT Security Risk Assessments, we identify together with you which policies and policy contents provide the highest level of protection for your company.

The main goal of our field-tested IT policies is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data, e.g. in the area of Application Security, Network Security or Security Incident Handling. With the help of policies you optimally align IT through standardized regluations. You position IT clearly within your company and create transparency about the applicable rules for the entire staff.

IT Compliance Through Standardized Provisions

With the implementation of standardized IT policies, you achieve comprehensive protection for your IT assets in the long term. Our security provisions for your IT are measurable and verifiable, in order to help you optimally align your IT resources.
To support the formal provisions, we offer you IT Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests at the operational level. We assess the implementation level of your IT policies in the company in the form of technical audits.
After each audit you receive a detailed report rating the effectiveness of the implemented policies in the company.

Contact us. We gladly advise you on your individual requirements and help you find the ideal mix of technical and organizational security measures.