IT Forensics – Incident Response & Expert Opinion

Even the most extensive IT security measures sometimes do not guarantee a 100% protection from security incidents taking place, such as hacker attacks or malware infections. As part of our IT Forensics Analysis, we support you in the rapid and targeted clarification of security incidents. We perform IT Forensic investigations and evaluations valid for legal purposes.

During our investigations we carry out the complete IT evidence preservation on-site, as well as the preparation and detailed evaluation of your data. Based on the evaluation results, we defined defense mechanisms and provide you with recommendations for security incident containment.

We Resolve Security Incidents Quickly.

As part of our IT Forensics services, we preserve digital evidence on your IT systems and evaluate them according to the recognized standards.
For example, we analyze your company’s network and internet applications, as well as internet protocols, databases and standard software.

Our IT Forensics Analysis provide you with many advantages, such as

  • the rapid examination of all common IT system platforms.
  • the detailed evaluation of application, program and memory logs.
  • the neutral expert opinions that will stand up in court.

With our leading IT Forensics know-how, we help you implement an incident response plan. You are prepared for the worst case scenario and be able to react successfully in the event of an IT emergency.
We gladly take the time to advise you in detail so that you can make the right decisions.