Data Protection Consulting – GDPR Implementation

As highly experienced consultants, we support you to effectively implement the legal requirements for data protection. As part of data protection audits, we collect information about the existing data processing as well as the technical and organizational security measures (TOM) within your company.
Our audits build the basis for all further data protection activities. We offer you the implementation of the following modules for data protection:

In the course of our comprehensive consultancy, we give you specific hints and recommendations for the implementation of additonal technical and organizational measures. By this means, you achieve a GDPR and data protection compliant integration of your data processing.

Implementing Data Protection Measures brings Advantages to You.

As part of our consultation, we establish for you a powerful Data Protection Management System (DSMS) with a high degree of security. Based on the data protection requirements, we help you to implement the necessary concepts and processes.
You increase your competitiveness on the market compared others, as you provide secure data applications (“privacy-by-design”). Through the implementation of data protection concepts, you preventively reduce risks with regard to personal data being stored and processed. By following established processes, you ensure compliance with legal deadlines and are able to act quickly in the event of a data breach.

In order to keep the security for the processing of personal data constantly high, we also offer you the implementation of technical security measures. Depending on your specific needs, for example, we carry out IT Penetration Tests on your data applications, or support you in handling data breaches in the course of our IT Forensic Incident Response Service.
Schedule a call with our experts. We gladly advise you on your individual requirements.