IT Security Risk Assessment & Reporting

As part of our IT Security Risk Assessments, we evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your IT and information security. We help your company to identify relevant IT risks in a timely manner, as well as rate them realistically. The core part of our assessments comprises of a detailed IT risk analysis.
In the course of the comprehensive risk check, we evaluate your

We assess the effectiveness of the security measures already implemented with regard to your IT assets. We conduct our assessments according to international Cyber Security standards, such as CIS, NIST, ISO 27001. As a result, you receive an up-to-date picture regarding your IT risk status, as well as an action plan containing measures to be implemented further.

Our Assessments are an Objective Benchmark for Your IT Security Status.

We help you increase the security performance of your organization in the way that you implement suitable security controls based on our IT Risk Assessments. With the implementation of measures (e.g. encryption) you secure your IT processes and systems continuously. IT Security Risk Assessments bring you further benefits, such as

  • the added value to your services through continuously improved IT security.
  • the reduction of financial damage through targeted action in case of an IT emergency.
  • compliance towards the Cyber Security Standard ISO 27001.

We glady advise you on your current IT security status and support you in further implementation of measures. Benefit from us as experienced and independent experts.