Cyber Risk Assessment

As part of our Cyber Risk Assessments, we evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your company’s IT and information security. We help your company to identify Cyber Security risks in a timely manner, as well as rate them realistically.

The focus of our assessments is on benchmarking the

established within your company.

We conduct our assessments in accordance with international Cyber Security Standards, such as CIS, NIST, ISO. By means of interviews and an extensive document analysis, we evaluate the effectiveness of your IT organization with respect to relevant Cyber Risks.
You receive an up-to-date picture regarding your Cyber Security status. Based on that you are able to secure your IT processes and systems continuously.

We Raise Your Level of Security

Our Cyber ​​Risk Assessments are ideal starting points for companies that want to secure their IT organization, but do not immediately strive for the implementation of the entire Cyber Security Standard ISO 27001.
We help you increase the performance of your IT Security organization permanently. You save time and avoid high costs.

As an objective indicator for your Cyber Security status, our Cyber Risk Assessments bring further benefits to your company, e.g.

  • increasing value of your services through risk-based action planning.
  • reducing financial damage and reputational loss through targeted Cyber Security incidents handling.
  • growing business value through continuously improving IT Security measures.

We gladly advise you on your individual security requirements. Benefit from us as an experienced and independent expert organization.

Improve Your Cyber Security Posture